Hyannis Port Best Buddies Challenge Ride Update

To my Sponsors and Friends - Thank you for your support! 

I could not have done it without knowing you were all cheering me on.  Your generous donations totalled over $3,000 and our team the Hopkinton BB Hillers has raised over $17,000 for such a great cause.  Each and every penny counted to make a great day even greater.

We started the day at the Kennedy Library in Boston bright and early about 6:30 a.m. Due to the very wet and rainy conditions we didn't leave until after 8:00.  We headed out onto the roads with a police escort.  The field of 400-500 riders left Boston and headed as a group down Morrisey Boulevard and through Boston into Quincy and Braintree and through Scituate.  We travelled about 15 miles at approximately 10 miles per hour with our escort.  Once released the pack seperated into pace groups and we headed out, picking up speed.  Julie and I quickly made it to the rest stop in Duxbury for a much needed break and water stop.  Julie's friends and family were a happy site waiting for us with smiles and encouragement.

In Duxbury Co-Captain Julie was interviewed by the local Patriot Ledger.  You can see her YouTube interview by clicking here.  Team Co-Captain Chip met up with us at this rest stop - he's the one on the right with the shaved head.  He received lots of attention for his barber's crafty work.  Bravo! 

It was late morning and the rain had finally subsided.  We headed out through the towns along the South Shore.  The ride was long - but rewarding.  All my friends and family were waiting for me at my mother-in-laws in Plymouth.  Boy was I happy to see them!!    After a stop there to change out of wet clothes, get some much needed water I was ready to head on the last thirty miles.  Once I crossed the Sagamore Bridge into Cape Cod I knew I was home free.  Never had 20 miles to go sounded so short (and felt so long!).  The last five miles I rode alongside a Buddy and his team and those miles were the sweetest and most rewarding.

I was happy to reach the finish line.  It felt like an accomplishment; raising money, training for the ride and making it all come together on the 17th. It was amazing to share it with my friends which made the event even more meaningful for me. Your phone calls, emails and support were awesome and I feel blessed to have such a wonderful community. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


Monica, Leslie, Julie, Chip, Gail - Team Hopkinton BB Hillers