Gail,                                                                                        February, 2005

        We never thought that we would be able to custom design the "built ins" next to our fireplace because we were told how expensive custom furniture making is. Well it seems that Hometown Woodworking killed that myth.

The units pictured look so good that our builder and broker could not get over how perfect they are not to mention your extreme care in protecting our brand new wood floors. We love your idea of surrounding the fireplace with the fluted trim from the "built ins" as we are having a 50" Plasma TV install right above it. (that's where the wire is poking through the wall.)

Marsha and I are so happy with our experience in dealing with you, that we hooked on custom and have just given you a contract to build my custom office furniture. You are such a perfectionist that even when we thought they were perfect, you were taking them apart to tweak your creation because they had to satisfy your high standards.

We can't wait to see my new custom office furniture. Should you ever need anyone to come to our house and look at your work or if anyone wants to call Marsha or I, please do not hesitate to give out our address and telephone number.

Thank you, Michael Kamens, JD, CISM
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