Kitchens and their Cabinets
Homeowners often struggle with the options of replacing or retaining kitchen cabinetry.  In some cases the style will change before the cabinetry needs to be replaced. I get a number of calls a year to replace doors and update the look without the expense of a complete remodel.  If the cabinets are in GREAT condition, then this may be an option.  
However, if the cabinets have seen more wear and tear replacing is usually the best solution.  

This kitchen had cabinets in good working order.  The customer had already painted the existing cabinets and made a few style changes to bring their look forward.   This client commissioned to fill an empty space with matching cabinetry and replace the countertops with granite.  An update to more modern concealed hinges and nicely appointed hardware gives this kitchen a fresh look with out the cost of a full remodel.
This wine tower is a nice addition to the room.  There is plenty of storage and the open side utilizes the rooms light nicely.  The base of this tower houses pull our trash, a great option.
These split bun feet were custom made by Call Tim for all your custom turning needs - from bun feet to architectural columns.