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Gail O'Rourke

Hometown Woodworking
P.O. Box 1547
Plymouth, MA 02360
(508) 353-9183

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It all began when we purchased our home six years ago. I wanted to create a place where my family would live and grow and work and play.  I decided I would build the perfect pieces for our home.  My wish was to build exactly what I wanted, to fill every corner with the piece which it called out for. With a few tools  and sheer determination to succeed, I hit the ground running.  I built my skills working for a local custom cabinetmaker gaining valuable knowledge and experience.  The pleasure I received filling my home and surrounding myself with pieces that represented my efforts gave me the confidence I needed to open the doors of Hometown Woodworking.

I love being a cabinetmaker.  Woodworking feeds my need to learn, grow  and express myself; my need to challenge myself and create something new. I create custom cabinetry and furniture to meet a specific need for those  who choose to make a commitment to their home.  I create custom cabinetry and furniture because I love it.  
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I believe people can fill their homes with beautiful furniture that fits both their design and functional needs as well as meets their budget.   I am excited about the challenges every new project brings.  I value the relationships that I make with every new customer.  I am your new Cabinetmaker.
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