Paul White Woodcarving
I had the opportunity to take a 2 day carving workshop with Paul White in his studio and workshop in Sandwich, MA.  Paul runs a successful sign business.  He also has an eagle carving business - he can carve your eagle for you or even cooler - you can buy an eagle blank and carve your own.  Paul suggested that 500 letters would be a good practice amount I am thinking I will need more practice than that.  I took a shot at a few letters this weekend, a star and even a pineapple.  We headed into the finishing room and did some guilding with 23 carat gold.   We discussed some of the key elements in running a successful business and providing a product that lasts.  We learned how to use our tools and sharpen them as well as proper sign layout.  We even got a closer look at sign production using a huge CNC and carving duplicator. Two days was too short to become an expert but it was long enough to inspire me and stir my interest in carving.  I look forward to taking the summer months and puttering at some carving in the shop.  It's a quiet chore, requires your attention and focus and when your hear that slice nothing is more rewarding.  Paul White runs a few woorkshops each year - check out his website for information Paul White Woodcarving
gilding a sign and eagle
the carving duplicator - carving eagle blanks
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