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Wondering how it all gets done?  I have detailed the progress of one of my favorite projects, round back adirondack chairs.  I have been dreaming of summer and with a few open days in the shop, I decided to get a jump on some warm weather projects.
Click on each picture and the image will appear larger.
The project starts will milling the lumber to proper thickness.  3/4 - 13/16th works for these chairs.  I am milling 50 board feet, 25 for each chair, of spanish cedar.
I have made these chairs in the I didn't have to take any time making the templates from the plans.  With templates in hand, I drew out the patterns on the lumber, carefully trying to minimize the waste and cut them out on the bandsaw.
I laid out the pieces for the back on the workbench. I then drew the circle with a circle jig.  This circle is 32" in diameter.  Once drawn, I cut both backs at the same time on the bandsaw.  Any rough edges are sanded with a sander on the drill press.
Once everything is cut and routed, assembly can begin.  I assemble the frame for the first chair. I make sure everything is square and level and provides a solid base.
Next, I take the pieces to the router table and round over all the edges with a 1/4" radius router bit.  Having it in the table makes quick work.
Then the back goes on.  I make sure all gaps are uniform and the back looks balanced on the chair.
I install the seat slats and chair number one is Done!
Now it's time to get moving on number two.   A note about construction, this chair will most likely remain outdoors year round.  All the screws used are stainless steel.  The back and seat slats are installed by boring a 3/8 hole, using a screw to secure it and then plugging the hole with a cedar plug.
As I was completing them, I decided to notch the 4th slat around the arms. I liked it so much better that I did them both.